Jordan Brand is on the move and as the brand pushes to become a $4.5B brand in 2020, the pressure is on to find new ways to elevate Jordan Brand above the competition. 

SoleCollector writer Brandon Richard explored one option that may be floating around in Oregon in a recent article.  Reaching out the ladies is something Jordan Brand rarely does.  While 'pink it and shrink it' has long made female sneaker-lovers (I'm not really a fan of the term sneakerhead, FYI) groan in agony, it's not at all far-fetched to see that Jordan has paid attention to our desire for men's silhouettes in smaller sizes. Why do you think GS Retros sell so quick?  Here's a hint: many of us aren't buying them for our invisible children.

B. Rich touched base with seven ladies who love their kicks and have pretty accurate opinions on what the rest of us women want as Jordan Brand continues to build.  Take a look at three of our favorite quotes below.

They need to take the time to create a sneaker that is fit for the shape of a woman’s foot. While most focus on the size different between men and women’s feet, they do not take into consideration that there’s a difference between the heel and the ball of the foot. With the establishment of the WNBA in 1996, why have they not attempted to collaborate with more of these talented ladies?
— SoleDeVida
Offering smaller sizes and including them in their scope for more limited releases and collaborations would definitely catch my interest. I just lost my mind over the thought of Fragment Air Jordan 1s in a size 5Y.
— Amanda Bediones
There’s definitely a lack of respect for the women in the game, so getting everyone to work together for female empowerment, and to have Jordan brand backing them, would be a game changer. There are really no brands that have women as a heavy influence or face of their brand.
— Infamous Kayce

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