It's pretty clear that Uzo Aduba is at the top of her game and rising. The breakthrough actress who catapulted to fame after showing us all her significant acting chops as "Crazy Eyes" on the hit Netflix series 'Orange Is The New Black' is taking a beat to prepare herself for her next big role: The Wiz.

Aduba covered the latest issue of Uptown Magazine and dished on everything from the Hollywood friends she looks to for inspiration to the source of her drive.  Take a look below at our favorite #Chickspiration quoteables.

Aduba on the source of her drive: “It’s not about being number one, but no Nigerian parent will ever complain about that! My mom always said ‘I have never heard of nothing coming from hard work. I don’t know when it will come, but it will come.'”

On Surrounding Herself With Champions:
“When I first started, I met with different agents that tried to fix me in some way, which implied that something was wrong. I appreciate, respect and enjoy the person that I see in the mirror. I have always wanted to be surrounded by people who also appreciate those things. From my lawyer to my glam team, they enjoy me as Uzo and where I stand today. There has never been any pressure to be more or else than who I am.”

On her Hollywood Chickspiration(s):
“I have loved Viola Davis for awhile. She is a phenomenal actor and one that does interesting work and has not been afraid to go over the line. Tracee Ellis Ross is dynamic, her character work is fantastic and she is smart, supportive and super chic. On top of it, she has an incredible generosity. Gabrielle [Union] is a sweetheart and loving and wildly gracious.”

On Her Next Big Role - Glenda, The Good Witch:
“I think it’s going to be wonderful. I am working with Queen Latifah! I have admired her versatility and command for years. She is think bigger, think higher, think braver … I know that I am stepping into the shoes of both the great Dee Dee Bridgewater [from the original 1975 Broadway cast] and the legendary Lena Horne [the 1978 big screen adaptation]. I want to bring a reverence and respect to what they have been and have done. I just want to tell the best story that I can. That relieves the pressure.” 

Image: Uptown Magazine