In the latest issue of SELF Magazine, models and their expert trainers teamed up for a few snaps dedicated to their favorite workouts. After reading through the list of some of their go-to exercises (um, HELLO Pony Hop!?!) we shifted our focus to the sneaks, naturally.

Model Grace Mahary and SoulCycle's Stacey Griffith as well as CNK favorite Ashley Graham and trainer Anna Kaiser got in some good moves in adidas and Nike, and had us eager to burn a sweat - after copping their looks of course!

Take a look at a few snaps below and be sure to check out the full article (including those top notch workout tips) on

Top model Grace Mahary (left), shown with Griffith, is a SoulCycle regular.

Top, on Mahary: Sports bra, VPL, $44; Shorts, 9 2 5 Fit, $58; Briefs, $75; Hair band, $28; Earrings, $250; Watch, $749; Shoes, Shimano, $100; Socks, $14; Water bottle, $33; On Griffith: Sports bra; for similar styles. Pants; for similar styles. Hoop earrings, $130; Safety pin earrings, Bing Bang, $48; Watch, $649; Sneakers, $190;

Ashley Graham: “The first time I went to Anna’s class, I felt like Beyoncé,” says top model Ashley Graham (left), creator of the popular Net-a-Porter workout-video series Curvy Fit Club, shown with Kaiser.

Above, on Graham: Sports bra, Lululemon Athletica, $52; Pants, Human Performance Engineering, $125; Earring (on left), $175, and necklace, $425; Watch, $349; Gloves, $30 each; Sneakers, $120; On Kaiser: Swim top, $52; Shorts, 9 2 5 Fit, $83; Blue bracelet, $78, and white bracelet (on top), $38; Sneakers, $110;