So Cal-based brand, HEX just released a new duffle bag designed specifically for those of us who travel with our sneakers in constant tow. The HEX Calibre Sneaker Duffle comes equipped with two side compartments that are perfect space savers for your sneakers. Each pocket is separately lined, featuring a polyurethane divider to prevent those pungent shoe odors from creeping their way inside of the rest of the bag. But, for those of us who are faithful followers of the baby powder method, ventilation eyelets are also installed to keep your babies fresh.

The main compartment of the duffle features laptop sleeve (fits a 13-inch like a glove) and enough room for multiple outfits and easy access exterior pockets.

Currently, you can purchase HEX’s new Sneaker Duffle for $160 in black leather and camouflage options.

What are your thoughts on the HEX duffle? Personally, I'm definitely intrigued, but it's a bit too masculine for my tastes. However, because functionality is key for me, I may change my tune the next time (Godforbidit!) I open my suitcase to find one more toe crease. Let us know what you think in the comments below!