It's that time of year. 

Christmas is over and the 'new year, new me' mantra approaches like a weight you can't quite shake.  Most of us give in, right? Thirsting for actual change, we buy into the resolution hype and face our goals head least until March.'s that time of year again. 

Lucky for us, our friends at Nike Women are taking a different approach to resolution season by encouraging us all to make our resolutions more about us and less about the goal.  From first-timers to top athletes, NW charged women to take stock of their hard work by asking "what has sweat taught you?"  The NikeWomen community responded with Chickspiration in droves:

But just remember, whatever you want out of 2016, remarkable things are rarely achieved by women in dry shirts.

Yea.  Here for it.

It doesn't stop there.  NW is keeping you reminded with a personalized GIF (or 10) that'll mark your official commitment to be #betterforit.  If you're down to make a resolution to sweat more with in 2016 and be your own best inspiration head to 

P.S.  I did it. See below. :)