Hey awesome people!

It's been a hot minute since my last dose of personal #Chickspiration. Work and life balance has been crazy and the summer went by in a snap! So, happy 1st of November!

This is by far one of my favorite months, when things start to cool off (I live in Texas so, this needs to happen ASAP) and holiday cheer starts it's steady churn. This month also marks our first anniversary (November 10th - whoop!) and I'm so excited to cultivate new experiences, new relationships, and embrace a fresh mental state as we head into the holiday season.

To keep it light and inspiring, as always, I wanted to share my November goals. Please feel free to share yours, too! In addition, I wanted to share an awesome PDF I stumbled upon back in September thanks to that I'm sure will help inspire you (as it has me) in getting real about your coins.

My November Goals
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  • Be an informative guest at my first live Slack Chat with HerAgenda.
  • Network like mad and meet other Dallas game-changers at Blavity's first Dallas 'Lituation' Mixer
  • Continue our Chick Chat and Closet series with amazing new guests
  • Cultivate creative and informative content with our new interns - Hey Sierra and La Tecia!
  • Put process and finances in place (aka - ask the hard questions) to monetize wisely (psst! This handout is a beast)

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More and more, I'm realizing that planning your priorities with intent is essential to building a business and getting your money up. And while I am a firm believer that money should not be your SOLE motivation, it's important to remember that building a business requires finances, unless you're just into having a really expensive hobby. In order to continue building a platform for women and do the work I love full-time, I have to change the way I look at and think about money.

Highlight to Tweet This: Building your business requires finances, unless you want an expensive hobby.

That is why when I spotted this money to-do list via back in September, I knew it was something I needed to try. I've always had a knack for the creative; the business side of my creativity, while a natural inclination, has been something I've really had to work hard at building. I swear by simple to-do lists, but this month I'm getting VERY clear about my priorities and my intentions when it comes to my tasks and how it contributes to my income. A HUGE thanks to Narsha Njoya, Designer & Digital Creative Coach at for sharing this amazing FREE PDF via her September mailing list.

Click HERE or on the image above for your free download.

I'm curious to know if it helps you too so, please let us know in the comments below or TWEET US!

So, what are your November goals and how are you working towards them? Let us know!

Have a great November! I'll be back soon for our 1st Anniversary AND even more November goodies!

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