1's for 1. Celebrating our first birthday in the Air Jordan 1 'Black Toe'

Doooo youuuu knowwww what todayyyy isssss? Yup. It's our Blogiversary.

I started CNKDaily a year ago and it has, effectively, become my baby.

For those of you who aren't on the writing end of a website, making it to a year is no small feat. Many blogs only last a few months before the blogger decides it's just not for them. And I can understand why. See, blogs can be a lot of work. It’s not just about writing. Social media, links, photos, analytics, and showing love to your community all come with this undertaking. Essentially, it's about getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there in a very public way.

I didn't want to do anything too big here. It's our first birthday and I'm so proud of that, but I know we have so much more work to do. So, please consider this as one big THANK YOU. It's not easy to put yourself out there and start something new. It gets a bit easier when you surround yourself with good energy AND have amazing people showing support. Each and every one of you who frequent this website, click on links, engage on social media, and simply extend a "Hello" are a reason for this post. To Ticara (CNK Editor), La Tecia and Sierra (CNK Interns) - thank you three for everything you do. To Kitty x Val, thank you for always supporting. To Brit (my partner in #FitChicks) thank you for being so essential to our growth this year. You are the best.

Again, to all of you readers: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

That said, Sneaker Diary deets are below. I love y'all long time and I'm excited for another year of more sneakHER style!

Peek a boo.

When I started to count down to our first anniversary, I totally had some pretty grand ideas for how we would celebrate. Then, about two months ago, I realized

1.) I'm all about my COINS this month and

2.) I'd rather not stress myself out about an event or a redesign.

You can’t knock me. I did, however, know that I wanted to take some snaps with one of those handy "1" balloons. Cliche, I know. Unfortunetly, the weather in Dallas last weekend refused to allow me be great and my photographer pulled out of the shoot because, who in the heck wants to take pictures in a massive rain storm? I don't blame you bro. On the bright side, my girls were there to pick up my Sony when the chips were down and we got to snappin in between pockets of rain. Thank you Val and Kitty.

Since I live in a state that is pretty bi-polar when it comes to weather, I like to keep light long sleeve shirts and light wool trenches on hand all winter because they are both versatile, effortlessly chic (especially with high or slicked back bun), generally inexpensive and pair with pretty much everything in my closet. The items I'm wearing are from Gap (long sleeve tee) and Boo Hoo (sleeveless trench). The trench comes in six different colors and is about $30. Boo Hoo is ALWAYS having sales (like 40 and 50% off everything) which basically means, buy these up.

I rounded out my look with Black high-waisted jeans by BDG and a pair of Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit sneakers in Black. I actually got my Prestos before our event with Centre x Turning Paiges back in September and I love them. The all black/white knit upper is super breathable AND the sock-like detail adds some extra coverage, especially with those skinnies that fall just above your ankles.

Can you tell I'm happy? LOL. Super excited to hop into another year of this blog life.  And SUPER thankful to share it all with you.  

Photos: DJKitty

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