On the 12th Day of Kickmas...

This year, CNK will give you all the dirt on where to cop those Christmas finds that will have any girl feelin warm and cozy whether she's on the naughty or nice list ;).

Here's 12 of our favorite spots that you can grab something that will make any lady in the sneaker world happy. And you don't even have to leave yo couch.

Source: @nakedcph

1. Naked CPH

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

First up, Naked out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Aside from the fact that these guys don't reside state side they keep every woman on every corner informed of the hottest kicks, world wide. Plus, being overseas gives them an upper hand on some snags. Not to mention, if you don't snag the right colorway or size they're taking returns until the 7th of January.

 Source: @kithwomen 

Source: @kithwomen 


Location: New York, New York

Second, we have the notorious and notable Kith. Kith, a well known name amongst sneaker heads and streetwear collectors, is the vision of Ronnie Fieg. Fieg, a footwear and apparel designer doesn't exclude the ladies. Kith is a great place to cop crazy exclusives and some sweet gear to match.

 Source: @sneakersnstuff 

Source: @sneakersnstuff 

3. Sneakers n' Stuff

Location: Berlin, Germany

Tres, Sneakers n' Stuff is nothing short of its name. Sneakers n' stuff provides ladies with all the sneakers you could imagine. Not to mention they're currently featuring an advent calendar which let's you in on a new deal everyday until Christmas allowing you to give any sneaker head OPTIONS.

 Source: @rime_nyc

Source: @rime_nyc


Location: New York, New York

Number 4, straight outta The Big Apple, RIME NYC . Owner Susan Boyle wanted to give designers and creatives a platform and space where they could inspire and interact with one another while snaggin the freshest, in the way of sneakers as well as apparel. If you want to combine some solid outwear with a pair of sneakers, this is your spot.

 Source: @wishatl

Source: @wishatl

5. Wish

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The number five spot has us movin down south to Wish out of Atlanta Georgia. Just cause it doesn't snow down south doesn't mean they don't know how to keep us covered. If you have a lady who is an individual and wants something that most people don't have, this is your spot. They have an eye for getting the grip on kicks that some may overlook or can't actually get their hands on. They also have a huge global appreciation for street wear. I can guarantee there's something on every girls wish list here, no pun intended.

 Source: @centre214

Source: @centre214

6. Centre

Location: Dallas, Texas

Triple D gives us not only the Cowboys but Centre . Centre is a great place to grab a fall staple for your feet. They stay on trend consistently. But be aware, ladies in Texas know about the shoe game. If you don't act quick, they'll be gone. Don't let Santa get the jump on you.

Source: @epochadallas

7. Epocha

Location: Dallas, Texas

Dallas has another sneaker source - shocking huh? Epocha is a great place if you have a chick who likes something a little funky and unusual. BTW, the vintage gear they have!? This is a great spot for ladies that just jumped into the game or are dabbling in the sneaker world.

Source: @packershoes

8. Packer Shoes

Location: Teaneck, New Jersey

New York always gets credit for it's stores but it's neighbor, New Jersey holds its own. Packer Shoes is a company that has been passed down through three generations. Originally started in Yonkers, NY in 1907, this company is now just across the bridge in Teaneck, New Jersey. It's not surprising that these guys have existed for over 100 years. They stay up on all the drops, allow you to search by size straight off the bat so that way you don't have to go through every sneaker to be disappointed. A company whose base is laid in authenticity and heritage, you can't go wrong here.

Source: @sneakerpolitics

9. Sneaker Politics

Location: Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana has the jump on creole food, live jazz, and a colorful culture that is untouched by anywhere else in the US. Of course their sneaker stores aren't going to be anything less than that. Sneaker Politics out of The Boot provides a selection of kicks that makes you think voodoo is for sure involved. The selection is crazy and without fail you will find something for any girl on your list.

Source: @melodyehsani

10. Melody Ehsani

Location: Los Angeles, California

Your girl love Reebok? Melody Ehsani is your spot. The LA based jewelry designer turned to footwear designer has a store that resides on the infamous Fairfax Avenue not only designs for herself, but for Reebok as well. If you've got a chick who loves something unique but wants a contemporary approach, Ehsani is your lady.

Source: @oneness287 

11. Oneness

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Oneness makes online shopping so visually appealing. The way they have their site set up, puts you in a sneaker store as if you're just looking at shoe by shoe. Unexpectedly out of Kentucky, this online shop provides the grip on the must have's for the holiday season. You just keep scrolling and scrolling until something you like pops back, you can sort if you want but if you want to see all your options, this is the spot.

Source: @extrabutter

12. Extra Butter

Location: New York, New York

Extra Butter NY is one of the number one destinations for kicks when you're in New York. They pride themselves on providing more than a customer service experience, they like to establish a relationship with the consumers that walk through their doors and who click through their website. They respect the idea of establishing loyalty. These guys (Bernie Gross and Jay Faustino) have been in the game for a minute and it shows through their selection. They know what they're doing. The new arrivals section stretches five pages alone. You can click and cop here Extra Butter .


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