The holiday season is all to do with giving back and giving to others. There’s nothing that feels better. So why not give the gift to other people by giving back in their names. That way they feel good, you feel good, it’s a win-win. And here at CNK we’re all about the ladies. So here’s 4 charaties that you can give back to the ladies in someone else’s name and make it count.

4) Women On Wings

The Mission statement for Women on Wings is co-creating one million jobs for women in rural India. Women on Wings wants to one million women the ability to feel like they’re part of something. That they have an opportunity to live outsife of poverty. What’s a greater gift than giving something the feeling that they had a part of that. Donate in someone else’s name, or yours, here .

3) Build a Nest

Build a Nest’s objective is too give an upper hand to the people who are working outside of regulated factories (corporate factories). Women make up a vast majority of the people working within these factories. Specifically, within the fashion and home goods manufacturing, which is what Build a Nest channels. The chance at a good life and to quote on quote ‘build a nest’ is limited and not available to all. Too often, we take for granted the things we have so easily within the USA. Especially the ability to build a life for our families. Give back to Build A Nest, here .


A rough topic is up next, but non the less prevalent. RAINN is a foundation that provides assistance to women who have experienced Rape, Abuse or Insest. With such a high percentage of women experiencing one of these unfortunate circumstances it’s a pivotal cause to give back too. There’s no doubt that you’d be providing some type of emotional relief to another woman by donating to this charity. Click here , to give back.

1) Movement Foundation

One of our favorites because it encourages girls to exist in kicks. Overall, this foundations is changing the way that women perceive themselves starting from a young age. A former soul cycle teacher is the founder of this charity. After realizing the own issues she had with her body image she realized how much she wanted to help other females accept themselves. Through grants, mentorship and and education the Movement Foundation helps young girls accept themselves, which is one of the biggest struggels of all. If you wanna help other ladies feel comfortable in their skin by clicking here .


Giving back is something that is one of the best gifts but its like you're giving back twice, and plus you don't have to wrap anything. In all seriousness though.. How amazing is it to think about the fact that you gave someone a piece of mind. They get to sit there on Christmas morning and know that in their name, they helped someone else on this planet. No one is mad about it.



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