There are always two sides to every story and two sides to every style. In sneakers the style exists in the streets and the gym. The best news? No one is wrong.

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The Streets

The streets are a great place to start. Because there are no rules here. You can rock whatever you want with whatever you want. Your kicks, your rules. Yes the cardinals still apply. Dress for your body (no matter what body that is, love it and own it) and have fun. But as far as kicks, its whatever your comfortable it. That’s why we love kicks right? We get to express ourselves through texture and color and all of the vibes. Street style allows for all of that and you can dress it up or down. It’s all about just finding where you feel comfortable. If you’re new to the kick world. A classic Adidas silhouette or a monochromatic Nike silhouette are great places too start. They’re both really versatile and they’re super easy to build outfits up from.

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The Gym

In the gym there’s a little more you have to think about and that’s only due to the fact that you’re actually utilizing your body and you don’t want to injure yourself. You need to pick the best sneaker for peak physical performance. Luckily, you got OPTIONS! The beauty of the sneaker world in the gym is that all brands have given us just as many clothes as they have kicks. So we have something to rock with our kicks. There is nothing better though than snagging a great pair of shoes to rock with your workout. It brings a new level of confidence to every burpee, squat or sprint. Stroll through our cop or can section and see what stands out and build from there.

Ladies whether you're in the streets or gym its all about you feel. So pick the kicks that make you feel the best and build on that.


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