Still taking over for the 2-0 and the 1-6...

*insert cliche Bone Thugs reference*

Happy Monday Ladies and Gents!

It's hard to believe we're already into the second month of the year!  While I hope your January was one to remember, it's time to look forward!  Hopefully you remember our '6 To-Do's To Make Your 2016 Epic' post (if you haven't read it...I totally included a link - hint hint).

Aside from providing wise words, closet peaks and generally celebrating our fellow go-getters, the purpose of #Chickspiration is to offer accountability along with the inspiration.  So, as much as we love dishing out nuggets of wisdom from some pretty brilliant minds - it's also about making sure we're all moving in the right direction and keeping one another motivated. 

That said, it's time to revisit some of the 2016 goals we set forth back in January.  You're keeping us accountable, right?


I really want to achieve my blogging goals for this year, so I’ve saving the date and getting hitched to this success. See what I did there? But, really though - one of the best ways to knock out goals is to set a permanent date that will serve as a reminder that you’ve gotta get to work. For my short term goals, I’m trying to accomplish them in six months or less. For longer goals, December 31 is the day they have to be checked off the list.

As we dove into the new year, I wanted to lay out 5-6 ATTAINABLE short and long term goals for the year.  Let's take a look:

Long Term:

  • Introduce 2 new regular post segments into the existing rotation 
  • Add more items to our e-store
  • Develop more interactive options for readers
  • Create new income streams

Short Term:

  • Double social media following: deadline May 2016
  • Find new advertisers and brand sponsorships
  • Develop a marketing plan

So, what's the status?  One month in, I'm happy to report that long term goal #1 has already been set in motion.  With the addition of our 'For The Ladies' posts and our flat lay partnership with, we've added two new segments that (hopefully) appeal to you as you peruse CNK Daily. 

As for the rest, I have to keep telling myself it's a marathon - not a sprint.  We're currently making more room in our e-store for new items AND you can shop the store for $10 off our Signature Tee (Enter the code 'CNKSIGNATURE' for white and 'CNKSIGNATURE1' for black) through the 6th of February.  

What's the goal for February?  Marketing, marketing, marketing.  As CNK grows, we have to make sure our content is getting in front of the people who make it great.  So, Short Term Goal #3 is the focus for February.

What are your goals for yourself and/or your business this February? How will you hold yourself accountable?  Let us know your thoughts (and please feel free to drop suggestions!) in the comments section below.