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I absolutely love e-finds that do one of three things: 

  • Help support a woman-owned business;
  • Promote positive thought, good vibes, and #Chickspiration for your soul; and 
  • Support a small business - it's hard our here, y'all and I know every bit helps.

So, when I stumbled across Mattieologie's fab Instagram feed and, subsequently, saw today's e-find I was elated to kill three birds (count em) with one post.  

After reflecting on our Mid-quarter goals earlier this week, it was nice to find a little bit of confirmation in the 'Live What You love' tee on Mattie's e-shop.  Made of 100% cotton, the durable Gildan tee (Gildan holds it down on the screen print, guys) boasts a slim fit and a mantra I'll definitely be looking at on a post-it placed strategically on my mirror - when I'm not wearing my shirt, of course. 

At $35 USD, you'll be contributing to the growth of Mattie's awesome blog, supporting a small biz (whoop!), AND giving yourself a healthy dose of YOU CAN DO IT.  Winners all around, yes?

If you're more the bundle type, Mattie has you covered.  The 'Live What You Love' tee also comes in black AND can be purchased with an 11oz 'Slay Your Day' Mug for the bundled price of $50 USD.  Additional #Chickspiration FTW.

Take a look at all options and click the shop link to cop your bundle now.

ike the stuff Mattieologie is bringing to your table? You can shop her entire e-store here.

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