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In case you haven't read our Week 1 recap, here's a brief recap: Nike has decided to throw their uber talented hats (and shoes, I guess) into the webseries arena.  Margot vs. Lily, a series of shorts centered around the competitive relationship between two very different sisters, is the jam. If you missed episode 3, check it out now.

My Nike store (whoop whoop Dallas!) is participating in a #BetterForIt challenge in connection with the release of the series. I signed up and and I am kicking butt - thank you very much. The #BetterForIt Challenge encourages us Nike gals to complete 8 challenges (1 each week - TOTALLY do-able) via the Nike Training or Nike Running apps. 

Up to speed?  Cool.  

For Week 3, I was a facing a bit of a dilemma.  Personally, I like to get my NTC workout in later in the week (and yes, I know this after 2 weeks - boo yah!) simply because I tend to have more energy as the week progresses. But, this week I was heading out of town to the city that never sleeps (heyyyy NYC) and, if you've ever traveled on a workout day before, you know it can be a downright struggle to keep yourself accountable.  

Lucky for me, the NTC app pretty much saved me from myself (and a significant desire to indulge in a New York slice) as the perfect companion on my solo trip.

Here are three things I absolutely LOVED about my Week 3 training with Ellie Goulding. Yea. THAT Ellie Goulding. Again, BOO YAH!

15-Minutes of Ellie's Tighten and Tone = Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

I don't know why I haven't seemed to learn from the last two NTC sessions, but again I went into this workout a bit too confident and yes, my butt was kicked all over my Midtown hotel room.

Everything from Ellie's Seated Scissor Kicks (more about those later) to the obligatory full-body Burpee made me sweat like I'd just run full sprint down Broadway.  Max sweat, feel me? That said, when my 15-minutes were up and I found rest on the cool carpet of my room floor - I'm pretty sure I heard Ellie laughing at me.  

A Workout with NTC is a Workout Anywhere.

So, look. There are some people who genuinely can stick to their workout routine through rain, sleet, snow, and different time zones.  As much as I'd like to say I am one of those people, I am not.  But, I'm trying.  Nike Training Club made it super easy for me to stick to this week's workout AND get it in quick enough to ensure that I wouldn't be playing catch up with my time.  Double win, guys.

Seated Scissor Kicks Hurt So Good.

Have you ever met someone you definitely didn't like upon first introductions, but after a few minutes with them you understood they could potentially be cool peeps?  Well, that's kind of what Seated Scissor Kicks are like.  They're brash, hard and intense, but after a few reps you know for sure that you'll be better off after you just do it.  Pun intended. 

Personally, I didn't look nearly as confident (picture a grimace, a frown and a confused face rolled all into one) but I finished and I'm totally #BetterForIt. I love my puns, guys.

If you want to check out Ellie's super clutch Tighten and Tone workout, head to the Google Play store to download your NTC app!

BTW...if you're already on Week 4 - first, kudos to you for sticking with it; you're halfway there! Second, make sure you catch this week's episode of Margot vs. Lily. And remember: being an e-troll is stupid.

See you next week!

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