Hannah Bronfman is what I like to call social media inspiration for real life.  Scrolling through her Instagram feed is one part "She's so fabulous" and the rest - well, it's just easy to tell that she does the work.  That's inspiring for me personally.  We live in such a highlight reel society that it's easy to get caught up in the perfect posts of people's lives and forget that for every Instamoment, there are probably tons of tears, sleepless nights, and good ol doubt as the people we admire push themselves to greater heights and brighter goals.  

Hannah, unlike so many on the e-streets, has managed to create a positive space that builds up women and allows common ground for those of us who feel like Hannah could be one of our homegirls.

adidas has taken note and now, as part of the three stripes' new Sport 16 campaign, the HBFit founder, model, former ballerina, and DJ (yea...she does a lot) is bringing all her positive energy to the first in a series of shorts highlighting creativity in fitness and in life.   Because, being fit isn't just about your body - it's about finding your balance for yourself in all you do.  Try it.  Pretty sure that's a dare.

Watch Hannah's video below and be sure to check her out on the 'Gram @HannahBronfman.