In case you didn't know, Nike has decided to throw their uber talented hats (and shoes, I guess) into the webseries arena.  While Margot vs. Lily, a series of shorts centered around the competitive relationship between two very different sisters starring actresses Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samantha Marie Ware, may not appeal to everyone (*cough* boys *cough*) it's hitting a home run with me.  So, when I saw that my local Nike store (whoop whoop Dallas!) was participating in a #BetterForIt challenge in connection with the release of the series - I signed up. 

The #BetterForIt Challenge, which ties in quite nicely with Nike Women's 2016 Better For It campaign, encourages Nike gals to engage by watching each new Margot vs. Lily webisode every Monday and participate in weekly challenges (for 8 weeks total) via the Nike Training or Nike Running apps.  To earn prizes, clothing, and fun Nike swag each person who signs up is asked to:

  1. Watch the Margot vs. Lily episode of the week
  2. Complete the weekly featured working via Nike+ Training Club or Nike+ Running apps
  3. Share a photo each week relating tot he featured workout on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #betterforitDALLAS and #contest

Sounds simple enough, right?  And, with a head-to-toe Nike Training look + a pair of NIKEiD Air Maxes up for grabs, who really says "No. I don't want your free stuff"? Not me. Not at all. That said, we're breaking down the week one Margot v. Lily festivities because we've got your back like that and this challenge is not to be underestimated.  Week 1. Let's go.

The Show: Episode 1 - "Resolutions"

Image: Nike

The first episode of Margot vs. Lily, titled "Resolutions", was pure entertainment (minus the major case of the sads when Lily had no, none) and definitely struck a chord around these parts.  The balance between maintaining your online audience and having a social life with people that can see your eyes roll in real time is such a tight rope walk in my Nikes.  Shameless. I know.  But, I also know what it's like to have enough homies to fill a kick back and feel absolutely lost in my career.  Kudos, Nike Women.  You get me.

After tensions boil over between the sisters and Margot completely made me want to throw a Huarache in her general direction, the girls set up a New Years bet that will probably make for a pretty entertaining 8 weeks and left us with tons of questions.  Will Lily find her awkward friend soul mate? Does Margot really not understand that YouTube is a Science?  Can they take those lunges to the back yard? How in the heck can we get that green/blue dri-fit half zip?

If you've yet to catch episode 1, you can do so by clicking the link.  If you're ready for episode 2, click here. No spoilers in the comments guys!

The Workout: Week 1 - NTC Circuit Breaker

Photo: Me - in my living room after I caught my breath.

Ok, so I feel like a complete idiot.  You know how folks always say don't judge a book by it's cover? Well, don't judge a Nike Training Club workout by it's 12-minute time span.  After watching the Margot v. Lily episode on Monday, I was feeling particularly froggy and decided that I'd fit in my 12-minute workout that Friday.  Friday is one of the days in the week that I do double workouts. One in the AM and one in the PM because, I've decided that I will not wear a sarong with my bikini if I can help it this summer.  Pray for me. 

Since time is a commodity, I knew that my double workout Friday would allow me ample time to fit in that 12-minute NTC gem after my afternoon cardio session.  I was only twelve minutes. MISTAKE.

While the workout itself wasn't completely insane, Nike packed a powerful punch in those twelve minutes, so much so that when the single leg bridge happened I felt my soul start to seep out through my hamstrings.  My body was crying sweat tears.

I say this not to complain, but to encourage.  If you're skeptical about these challenges, let me be the first to tell you that your time will not be wasted.  I was thoroughly impressed with the NTC Circuit Breaker (after I laid out on my yoga mat for five minutes) and I'm eager to see what Week 2 has in store.

If you're down to push outside your comfort zone to be 'Better For It' right along with me, sign up for the Nike+ 8 Week Better For IT Challenge.  Registration ends February 29th at midnight so sign up and let us know how you're #betterforit! 

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