I'm always pretty surprised when people ask to interview me about CNKDaily.  Not that it happens errrrryday but, when it does, I'm equally honored and shocked as sugar honey iced tea that people outside of my momma and 'nem are really enjoying this thing that we love so much.  So, when I was approached to share our CNK story and talk biz for Millennial On a Mission I was pretty much like: 

CNK shop comprised the main talking points with MOAM interviewer and sweet soul sister Chasity Cooper, but I also got candid about the trials (and triumphs) that come along with starting your own business, the #Chickspiration behind CNKDaily, and the challenges associated with being a woman in a male-dominated industry.  Check out a few of my favorite talking points below. 

On why CNK is all about the gals:

As a woman, I want to know which brands are catering to me. I want to hear and see unbiased opinions about new releases that will appeal to me, not just the releases that are hyped. I want to know how to wear my looks and see how other women rock the sneakers I may buy. I didn’t see something like that readily available, so that’s what we’re trying to create .

On those pesky challenges:

More than anything, I’ve faced challenges that any man or woman with a desire to create something from scratch has faced. Navigating and learning the social media landscape, cutting through the noise to cultivate your audience, building a solid team, fighting my own insecurities and negative thoughts and, of course, financing the dream.

These are all daily challenges. Sometimes they take turns punching and sometimes they converge all at once, LOL. All of this has really made me even more aware of the lane I want to be in, it’s helped sharpen my strengths, and has really forced me to confront my weaknesses.

On what it means to be a 'millennial on a mission':

Whether you’re raising a family, starting a company, or starting a new job, I think if your goals are about more than just yourself, you’re on a mission. With CNK, I really strive to achieve my dreams most when it would be a hell of a lot easier to give up. Those are the moments when I really feel like my passion is meeting my purpose and it’s a high that never gets old. This isn’t easy, but if you have a dream that you can’t shake, you owe it yourself to really do — there is no try.

For more of the interview and to see other millennials on a mission, click here.

Thank you so much to Chasity for the opportunity and, to all of you who continue to support CNK, THANK YOU.  You all are such awesome parts of this whole journey.

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