#ChicksNKicks Chick Of The Day: @jasus.christ x Puma Suede

Night One of the RNC: When Plagiarism Isn’t Your Worst Problem (TheNation)

Rep. Steve King wonders what ‘sub-groups’ besides whites made contributions to civilization (WashPost)

White House says #BoyBye to petition labeling #BlackLivesMatter as a “terror” group (Blavity)

Milania Trump's Suspect Speech Proves You Can't Hide From The Internet (Wired)

Officers may have shot Orlando club patrons (USAToday)

#Chickspiration Challenge: What's Your Excuse? (CNKDaily)

101 Easy Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness (Buzzfeed)

Steve Stoute on Racism: We Have to Fight In Ad Industry's Backyard (AdAge)

Sneaker Diary: Deep In Heart of Haurache (CNKDaily)

Why Did Beyoncé's Stylist Use A Crockpot For The Formation Tour Wardrobe? (ELLE)

Being a Writer Hurts (Tanikia)

Coco & Breezy's Collection With HERSHEY'S Is Real Life 'Eye Candy'! (CNKDaily)

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