Every week, 'Fit Chicks' will highlight attire, tips, and (of course!) sneakers that make it perfect for you to get your sweat on in style. We’ll also hip you to some of our favorite weekend hang sessions and interactions with like-minded ladies because, we love showing love!

Last week, we had an opportunity to head to Los Angeles for a whole lot of work and just as much fun!  While Brit tackled Blogfest and IDEA World ,  Chan got the chance to get in a Closet session and some major work for CNK.  Ultimately, though, our downtime was spent together and WE HAD A BLAST!

From hiking the Griffith Park Trail (we totally went the wrong way, though LOL), grabbing a few meals in between moves, and sitting back to take in our entire experience, we enjoyed ourselves abundantly AND found some appreciation for a few items that got us through.  So, we thought YOU (and you, and you, and you) might enjoy a peek into our travel must haves this go around.

Head to FitXBrit to see our picks. All four items were SO CLUTCH.

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