Merriam- Webster defines meditation as the following; to engage in contemplation or reflection, to engage in mental exercise, to focus one’s thoughts on, and lastly, to plan or project in the mind. It’s ironic that these are all tools that we boss-babe’s use to plot and scheme, yet it feels like mediation is one of the more overlooked practice’s in daily life because ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’m too antsy to sit still for five minutes,’ or the fear of judgment that when you tell someone you meditate, they’re going to assume you haven’t shaved your armpits in three months and your preferred version of formal wear is Birkenstocks.

Well, here’s five reasons why you need to start making time, force yourself to sit yo butt down (if you can scroll through Instagram and stalk your ex’s new chick’s cousins, aunts, mother for 45 min, you can close your eyes for five minutes). Also, as an ambitious chick you shouldn’t regard other people’s perception of yourself as your own, so eff that noise. And, if for some reason you do? Mediating helps dissolve those insecurities. Taking time for yourself is a crucial part of your game.

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1) Connection With Yo'self 

When you sit down and take the time to slow down to observe your thoughts you become more aware of what you’re telling yourself. And most often than not, we’ll discover we’re our biggest hater, it should be the opposite. At the beginning of starting a meditation practice, the goal isn’t stopping your thoughts. That takes a little longer, you’re not Buddha, so chill. It’s observing them. Just sitting for five minutes and seeing what you’re thinking and trying to rid (or dissolve) the thoughts that don’t serve you. That is the goal. I doubt Yonce' is sitting there every morning telling herself ‘she ain’t it.’ I think we can all agree by the looks of the Formation video it’s quite the opposite. The more you connect with yourself the more you understand who you are and that’s vital because the more you know who you are the more selective you are with who you surround yourself with. The more selective you are about that, the more successful and living a happy life. Happy self equals multiplied by dope tribe equals a happy hustle. You feel me?

2) Clarity 

Meditation is an incredibly useful tool to visualize the most optimal result of a situation or a goal. Giving yourself time to breath and think on things allows ideas to come and figure out where you really want to go. What looks good for your life? Where do you want to be? and how are you going to get there? Clarity will also come through showing grattitude towards the things that do serve you. Giving yourself some time to be grateful for what is already present in your life will make it so much easier to appreciate where you are in your process, which is fundemental in hustle. This clarity is pretty much planning your level up. By visualizing your path and and plotting you’re only going to increase your drive and add some serious depth to your ambition. Greater ambition equates to a greater reward.

3) Time Management 

Once you’ve figured out what goals you have and laying out how you want to get there, it’ll be a lot easier to prioritize your time and spending time on things that are important, and even bigger than that spending less time thinking and space to things that are not. Time management is one of the most pivotal skills you can have as an ambitious woman. You need to know how much time to make for meetings, workouts, happy hours, phone calls, and personal time because there is truly nothing worse than wasted time. You can’t get that time back. So taking space to figure out who and what you’re going to give your time to is critical. This being said, don’t put pressure on your time with yourself, that’s legitimately the opposite objective of meditation. This 5-20 min , is yours. However, go into your mediation with the underlying thought of focusing on your priorities and see what comes up and what you mess with.

4) Maneuverability/ Versatility 

Ambition is not something that you choose, it’s something that is so kindly bestowed upon us by the higher ups or your parents or whatever it is that you choose to believe or not believe in. However you obtained it, it wasn’t by choice. Just a low-key hunger that needs to be fed, constantly. Like when you’re PMSing, no amount of food is ever enough! When you’re chasing a dream there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed. Failure and setbacks. I wish I could tell you that it was going to go off without a hinge and you won’t have to work that hard. But sadly, dishonesty is not in my repertoire. Any human who has obtained a large goal and tells you it was easy, run as fast as you can in the other direction. With the inevitability of struggle you need to become flexible and resilient in your approach to your hustle. Sometimes last minute you need to switch something up or life throws you a curve ball. Meditation takes that bump in the road from brown paper bag anxiety attack to, ‘hold up, I got this.’ Allowing yourself to get in to that relaxed space daily, allows you to access that space whenever you need it. Plus, then you won’t sweat off your perfect eyebrows.

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5) Creativity 

Creativity is the all-encompassing souvenir that you will take away when you start working with meditation in your life. Creativity is also what sets your hustle apart from everyone else’s. Giving yourself this time allows your hustle to flow through you and be more kind and understanding with yourself. It gives you a minute to understand that every moment is an important one and every moment is an opportunity to create. Whether that be an opportunity to create, an app, a clothing line, a sneaker, a business plan, a friendship, a loving space, something can always be created and that ultimately what all of us are, creators. So why not conceptualize the dopest of the dope and just live the life you want.

So I encourage you to take five short minutes whether that be when you wake up or before you go to sleep to slow down and Netflix and chill with your own mind because the benefits that you will reap will be beyond anything that you can wrap your brain around. You were made to smash this life to pieces in the most magnificent way. Give yourself that five minutes to tell yourself that you got it handled and that you wear the crown. Here's a beginingers guide to meditation.

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