Image: Warm ups in the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Shield Women's Sneaker. Photo by Esther Huynh for CNKDaily

The fitness world has blown up in the past couple years. More and more we’re seeing women pursuing a body that’s made of curves and muscle. The booty is in full pursuit. A dope pair of kicks can enhance your confidence game when it comes to your workouts but the thing is, when it comes to breakin a sweat and toning your body, there are some that are better for you. The key moves to building a butt? The squat and the lunge. These moves target the glutes and quads that will ensure a flat butt doesn’t stand a chance. The key to burn mad calories? Jumpin', jumpin'. Yes, that was a Destiny's Child reference. The jump squat, alternating lunge and the burpee will slay.

And, despite the fact that won’t be able to sit properly for days, you’ll see some real results real fast. The thing is, with these body morphing moves one needs to be weary of execution as well as gear. You want a nice tush, not a knee injury. So, here are some kicks that will kick your butt into some serious shape while ensuring your body will be protected.



Nike Free RN Flyknit

Why: Free Technology

On you’ll see this dubbed as a running shoe but with the inclusion of the ‘free’ technology it makes it so much more than that. The free technology was designed with women in mind. With the core moves that we utilize to obtain our bodies as the center of thought. The flexibility of the sole as well as the Fly Knit upper makes transitioning from one move to the next effortless. Since this shoe was designed with runners in mind you can bet that the cushion is dependable for whatever makes you sweat.



Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0

Why: Because even if you despise crossfit these are designed for all of the activities. 

Reebok isn’t at the front of the game for aesthetics but clearly they’re doing something right since they sponsor all of crossfit. Regardless if you believe in the fit of the cross or not, the bottom line is that they perform all the critical movements that woop your body into shape just at extreme levels. So this is a great shoe to take into the gym if you’re doing an intense workout. Plus, the molded mid sole is so great for shock absorption when you’re jumpin and wanting to die (but it’s worth it remember?). So no, you won’t have the hottie in the corner coming up to you complementing you on the most recent release on your feet but he’ll be watchin as you walk away, no doubt.



Adidas Stellasport ALEKI X Shoes

Why: Bounce technology, and because they look bad ass 

These are definitely the looker of the bunch. You wanna turn some heads in the weight room and fly high? These are an awesome cop. Considering they’re a Stella McCartney collab the price point isn’t bad for $110 and since they’re three stripes you know that they’re made well. The bounce technology referenced in why? Isn’t a typo. We didn’t mean Boost. Which is what Adidas is known for in the athletic realm. There just hasn’t been as much attention towards the bounce. Pretty confident this has to do with the fact that the Boost silhouettes appeals to the masses more.

And if Kanye backed the bounce? We’d all jump on board alas it’s called the Yeezy Boost not Bounce. Bounce was initially introduced in 2006 on basketball shoes for the likes of Kevin Garnett. It has now been slimmed down and used as the base for a plethora of three stripes kicks. The technology provides exactly what it says, a nice bounce. In these shoes specifically the mid rise on the ankle provides more support than most. If these shoes specifically are a little too much in the way of textiles used, there are many other shoes that incorporate the boost technology that aren’t as aggressive in design.



Puma XT V2 FT Training Shoe

Why: Because Puma put a lot of work into this shoe so it could specifically be rocked by chicks while they train 

HIIT (High intensity interval training) was the sole thought behind this trainer. Puma wanted to deliver a shoe that women could run around in and feel bold while they do so. This shoe is designed to be taken outdoors or sweat inside. With the recent modern approach that Puma has taken to a lot of its recent releases it’s good to see that they’re still releasing shoes that lay in the more traditional lane but are fused with modern technology. The reviews behind this kick have carried consistent positivity and since HIIT training was the blueprint its safe to say you could build on the booty.

These are only four picks in the massive sea of sneakers. Yes, you can lift a weight and jump around in most kicks. That’s why we rock sneakers right?! They’re footwear that allow us ladies to make a statement while remaining comfortable but the truth is when you’re looking at a shoe to actually train in, the cutest doesn’t always cut it. Because sometimes what looks the best won’t support your body, the way it needs to be supported. And no one is going to see that booty you’re rockin if you’re in a wheel chair. All of this being said, 2017 truly is the year of the booty and CNK supports all of you in your endeavors. Squat responsibly chica’s.

What are some of your favorite workout sneaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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