Photos: Andy Luten Photography for BvB Dallas

Photos: Andy Luten Photography for BvB Dallas

For those of us who have a sincere love for the game of football, this is the best part of the year. When temps finally start to cool, our sneakers start to transition, and pre-season hits our radar. Gotta love football season.

Over the weekend, I was invited to hit the sidelines here in Dallas for an event that I'd never been to but had heard about for the last 3 or so years. BvB Dallas (the 'BvB' is short for "Blondes vs. Brunettes") is a 501c3 organization that brings over 150 young professionals together to tackle Alzheimer's. Since it's inception 10 years ago, the passionate crew has raised over $3 million to support Alzheimer's research and awareness in North Texas. And, since five million Americans, including 360,000 Texans, are fighting Alzheimer’s, their work is definitely doing some good.

We met up with BVB Co-President Rachel Anderson for a pre-game walk through where she hipped us to the history of the organization and just how serious this powder puff football game is for it's 150 players and 40+ staff. Basically, they play flag football for safety and insurance reasons, but there really is nothing powdery or puffy about it.

This year’s BvB beneficiaries are Baylor AT&T Memory Center, the Center for BrainHealth, the Center for Vital Longevity and UT Southwestern Medical Center, which is awarded grants for research, prevention and care. It’s great because these organizations pitch us with their needs each year and we’re able to see exactly where the money is going, how it’s being spent, and the research that is being done to fight this disease. As of right now, it’s incredibly underfunded in comparison to other life-threatening illnesses.
— Rachel Anderson, Co-President - BvB Dallas

Team Blonde and Team Brunette (also known as the Bru’ Crew - with their own HILARIOUS 'Jesus was a Bru' t-shirts, btw) have been training once a week since early June. By the way, hair color isn’t strictly enforced when it comes to your team selection. The week before the game, each team got to add a second practice, but just that one. Since the field is so competitive, risk for injury is real. The players and coaches are comprised of a slew of Dallas 20/30-somethings eager to get their cleats dirty. Teachers, accountants, marketing mavens, lawyers, former collegiate athletes, and even a semi-pro QB. “The quarterback for the brunettes is a semipro flag-football player — one of the top in the state. She's amazing,” says Anderson. “Every year since she's played, the bru Crew has come out on top. She didn't play when I played for the blondes, unfortunetly.”

After a competitive first half, the Bru Crew pulled away for their forth straight victory and a continuation of the Bru streaks. Fireworks and a monsoon (yes, terrential rains hit right after the conclusion of the game) arrived just after the final firework lit up the sky.

Scroll through below to see more shots from the game.

Many thanks to the BVB Dallas team for allowing me to come out, grab some brew, and support this awesome charity. If you'd like to learn more about BVB Dallas or donate to the organization, click below.

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