Every week, 'Fit Chicks' will highlight attire, tips, and (of course!) sneakers that make it perfect for you to get your sweat on in style. We’ll also hip you to some of our favorite weekend hang sessions and interactions with like-minded ladies because, we love showing love!

 Image: Massy Arias

Image: Massy Arias

We absolutely love celebrating women! There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not instantly motivated by someone that we encounter via life, social media, or through a good read via our favorite blogs, magazines, and books. That, for us, is pretty amazing when you think about it. For a lot of people, though, celebrating others isn’t as easy. In a world that constantly tells us to compete, as women we can easily allow jealousy, comparison, and a list of other things to get in the way of actually showing love to those people that are inspiring and motivating us.

Not over here, though. We stay clapping.

Amanda Tress (@amandatress)

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Amanda is an entrepreneur, wife and mom of two that can be found doing digital marketing consulting, or helping others learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle through her FASTer Way To Fat Loss program. Brit had the opportunity to hear her speak at a fitness conference in Los Angeles last year and has been speaking her praises ever since.

Massy Arias (@massy.arias)

You would have to be hidden under a rock not to have heard of Massy. But as a new mother we are starting to love her even more! After finding a love for fitness through an effort to repair herself on a mental level she has become a household name due to her bilingual approach to educating the masses via social media as well as her #MA30Day program.

These are just a few of our favorite moms that rock! Who are some of your favorite fit moms? Also, what do you guys think about this whole “snap back” craze? We are more so advocates of women having a healthy pregnancy and feeling their best postpartum by using nutrition and a safe approach to fitness after giving their bodies the time to heal.

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