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There’s no question that aesthetics mean a ton when we make sneaker purchases. For us, our kicks are separated into two categories: street and gym, and yes most of them are something we can easily rock while we run errands. That said, even though we try to buy shoes specifically for our workouts, we too make uninformed choices.

For those who work out for a living, comfort and performance always come first, which can lead to some pretty unexpected gym choices. For instance, more than one instructor told us that a go-to shoe for themselves and their clients is the Converse Chuck Taylor Classic — a shoe that you typically wouldn’t associate with heavy duty workouts.

Intrigued? We were too. So, to find out what sneakers these instructors actually work out in, we sent them a few questions (the what and the why) for an in-depth look at what works best for targeted workouts. After all, these are the shoes they wear to teach multiple classes a day, dash from gym to gym, and do workouts of their own.

Scroll down to discover the best sneakers for your training session, from the instructors that know best.

Image: Kimberly Kirt

Name: Kimberly Kirt

Where you can find her:

Flywheel Sports, Extreme Iron Pro Gym, LA Fitness Signature Club

Sneakers Kimberly Loves:

Nike Free Transform Flyknit - "Snug yet breathable. I don't run a lot, but if I do, these are my go to! I've ran obstacle course races before and lost a shoe, not possible in this silhouette!"

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 -- "Like walking on a cloud! Provides enough cushion to support my feet during high impact movements while giving me the flexibility to move laterally and vertically in different bodyweight/plyometric movements. Also, a flat sole is always best for weightlifting! Ensures stability during movements and also allows the foot to easily plantar/dorsiflex to modify the intensity of your lifts."

Nike Lunarglide -- "No seams, no problem! Success starts from the ground up whether its on the stairmaster, taking a light walk, or trail run."

"I went into the benefits of each shoe per training modality, but clearly I am a fan of Nike Flyknits! I have been "checked out" in Nike shoes for as long as I can remember. I am a big fan of Flyknits because of the support they give my feet while allowing proper mobility. I fractured my foot a few years ago doing too much running and plyometrics in the wrong shoe. This has forced me to be very mindful of my shoe choices and aware if something feels "off" due to my footwear in my training. The Flyknits, as shared above, feel like walking on a cloud and I have 4 pairs. Oops!"


Image: Frank May/Erik Escobedo

Name: Frank May

Where You Can Find Him:

Core Fitness Dallas

Sneakers Frank Loves:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

Reebok Legacy Lifters

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7

"The reason I chose these shoes are because both Converse and Reebok really pay attention, in my personal opinion, to the sole of the shoe. I’m a trainer and a lot of exercises I incorporate involve moving around with weights or weighted bars, etc. Having a flat, strong sole makes a huge difference whether you're squatting, lunging, or moving around. It makes a world of difference in keeping your body stable. A good flat shoe can make the difference in pushing through a lift when your feet are firmly on the ground. As someone with a few surgeries to my knee, knowing my feet aren't shifting around gives me peace of mind to lift. With these shoes you're guaranteed support and stability and that’s definitely what you want when you’re trying to push some serious weight!"


Name: Terry Williams

Where You Can Find Him:

The League: Elite Training Facility

Sneakers Terry Loves:

Training: Reebok JJ 1

Weight lifting: Converse Chuck Taylor AllStar

Light cardio: Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

"For general cross training, and the mixing of things like brief run bursts and strength training movements, the Reebok JJ 1 has incredible multidirectional traction patterns in the sole for agility and change of direction, and it carries the leek visual of a low top sneaker while giving the feel of a mid-high shoe in it's superior ankle support. It is also designed for versatility, giving proper support for lifting movements. It's refreshing that the shoe's namesake didn't just put his name on something that looks fly, JJ Watt tested many models before cosigning on what he believed to be a quality training shoe, and word on the street is he actually uses it as his daily training shoe."

"For weight lifting, I went with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Sounds crazy doesn't it? My dad hooped in Chucks back in the 70's because there was no new technology giving shoes cushion and advanced support, and these days there are so many modern conveniences and gadgets added to shoes. But here's the thing: The new flashy (and expensive) shoes heralded for strength training follow the exact model set forth by Chucks: No arch in the sole. The flat base is perfect for powerlifting movements such as hang cleans and snatches. Not only does this hold stock as a classic, like a retro muscle car among current models, but it is also forever in style."

"For light cardio, I suggest the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3. This shoe is lightweight and flexible, so it moves with you and provides comfort. It also uses Nike's Lunarlon foam in the sole, adding a little spring to your step for great arch support while you're in the move."


Now that you know what sneakers these instructors are rocking, is it time to make a change in your own collection? Let us know your thoughts (or if we missed a pair you swear by) in the comments below!


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