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Body Bar Fitness - Southlake. Image: FitXBrit

While constantly promoting a healthy mind, body and soul, we aren’t naive to the fact that people just seem to get more focused on their fitness goals after the new year. Whether it’s because swimsuit season is just around the corner or that whole 'new year, new me' thing, we have totally been there at some point or another. So, in an effort to help our Dallas peeps #LiveYOURFit, we have curated a short list of some of our favorite boutique fitness studios in the DFW Metroplex. Because, why not have a little unconventional fun while you’re breaking a sweat?!

Image: City Surf Fitness

City Surf Fitness

Interested in riding waves without having to book a flight? City Surf Fitness may be exactly what you are looking for! You will literally be riding a surfboard as you take on various levels of moves depending on the class you sign up for. The intensity can definitely be varied based off of the studio you attend (FYI: the Deep Ellum location never disappoints) and they are constantly rotating fresh faces to bring you a guaranteed fun time. The balance that is required in these workouts helps to stabilize your core, which is always an area that could use a little extra loving, right?

Image: FitXBrit

Body Bar Fitness - Southlake

Don’t think we forgot about our peeps in the burbs because we didn’t! Body Bar Fitness is such a fun place to try something new and different. What sold us on this studio is the diverse community and the positive atmosphere. Whether it be a class of 1 or 10 the instructors provide you with a high energy workout and are very hands on in helping you perfect your form and really get the most out of your workout! The reformer jump class will really challenge you as it provides a different approach to incorporate strength training and flexibility into your workout.

Cindy's Pilates - Irving

If you’re looking for a workout that will incorporate heavy stretching and strength training, Cindy’s Pilates is the place to be. This boutique pilates bar offers a plethora of classes including traditional Mat, Reformer, Jumpboard, and Barre. If you’re unfamiliar with each and how they all work together, don’t worry. Cindy (yes, the actual owner teaches a number of classes herself) and her dedicated staff will work with you to figure out which class is best for you. The one thing I love about Cindy’s is the small class size. Not everyone can afford private lessons, but with a class that doesn’t take more than 6-10 people, you can get the same type of personal attention without going over your budget.

Want more fun fitness options? Head to Brit's site to see more studios we absolutely love.  Click below!

What new fitness experiences are you trying out for 2017? Even if you are not in Dallas, drop some studios that you enjoy!  These Fit Chicks are willing to travel! Until next time!

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