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We love the idea of National Nutrition Month because it gives an opportunity for people to step up their nutrition game and focus on making changes in the way that they view food. It also gives those with a platform the opportunity to voice the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their household. Providing their audiences with the motivation and tools needed so that they can realize just how easy it really is to Live YOUR Fit. Emphasis on the YOUR because their is no one size fits all approach when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

The fact still remains that you have to make changes at your pace. Of course, we are here to give you tips that will make celebrating National Nutrition Month turn into your best year yet as it relates to your nutritional goals. Our only requirement is that you are open to the possibility. You ready?


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Say No To Sugary Beverages

Sugar may just be the worst thing known to man when it comes to our nutrition but, even more so, when it is consumed in the liquid form. I won’t bore you with all of the details but just trust me it’s not good. We’d be lying if we said we don’t indulge in Starbucks every now and then but get your “sugar fix” the natural way. Work in some smoothies into your diet as snacks, in fact Brit is hosting a green smoothie challenge in April and will be sending healthy green smoothie recipes and tips to all of the people that are signed up for her mailing list. In fact, by drinking green smoothies during the month of April and sharing them via instagram you are entered to win some pretty amazing prizes which will be revealed via her Instagram throughout the month of April! Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for making positive changes to their lifestyle?

Plan, Plan, Plan

Everyone is not into meal prepping and we get that. However, we can both vouch for meal prepping and believe us when we say the amount of time and money you save in the long run is so worth it! But, if that is not your thing, just take a moment to plan out your meals for the week. Put the pen to the paper and commit to something so you will be less likely to shift away from the plan. Plus, planning makes grocery shopping easier too which will add more money to your bank account and then you can buy more sneakers. LOL!

If you are equipped with everything you need for the week right there at home you will be less inclined to stop and grab something on the way home. How many times did you have all of the intentions to cook a meal but the fact that you were going to have to stop at the store altered your game plan and you ended up in a drive-thru? C'mon TRUTH!

Listen To YOUR Body

Just because your bestie is going vegan and looks like a Sports Illustrated model does not mean that is the move for you. It is ok to try out different approaches to nutrition (Brit and I both swear by Tonic Water and Lime instead of traditional drinks when we're in a party setting, btw) until you find something that works for you and your lifestyle.

The last thing we want is for any of you guys to do a dramatic shift, For example: cutting out all carbs and then two months later you eat a pizza and gain all of your weight back which results in a mental shift and you are back at square one. Sound familiar? Set realistic goals. You have to consider your budget, your mental capacity, and what your end goals are. What does your body say? What does your soul say. Listen to that.


We are slowly entering into the next quarter of 2017 and we have one question for you. Where are you on those healthy lifestyle goals you set for yourself in January?

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