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 Images Courtesy of Lauren Bealore

Images Courtesy of Lauren Bealore

Can you believe we’re already halfway through May!? HALF WAY! After bringing you athleisure goodies last week, it’s time to properly ring in a new month by introducing you to our newest Boss Chick.

While our lane typically rests in the sneaker/fitness lifestyle lane (Fit Chicks, duh), there are so many women outside of this niche that we’re excited to introduce you to. One such woman is Lauren Bealore. The Michigan native is a business and political powerhouse who is both an appointed and elected official with the National League of Conservative Voters and as a City Commissioner.

Pull up a seat and get the goods on this groundbreaking young lady as we bring you three reason why Lauren inspires us in the bossiest way possible.

Shes Making Big Moves

Politics is kind of an iffy game. All you need to do is watch a complete season of House of Cards to determine that some of this mess is real. Real and messy. That's why we definitely need people like Lauren navigating those political waters and breaking barriers while she's at it. As a Corporate Relations and Events Manager for a political lobbying organization, she works to make sure big money gets to the right places. Every year, she raises major coin (we're talking FIGURES) to help the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, which is an entity of the National League of Conservation Voters, to have funding to push for a pro-conservancy bi-partisan legislature. Oh, and she's the first African American in this role and the youngest African American fundraiser in the State of Michigan.

Additionally, Lauren was elected to a post as a City Commissioner, she was the first to create a program under any Commission for the City of Southfield, Michigan, and is the youngest Precinct Delegate to be elected in her precinct.


She Counts Her Blessings

With a TON on her plate, it would be easy to understand a certain amount of burn out. But, for Lauren, her insane work ethic gets fuel from opportunities for leadership, the positive side of compeition, and a real desire to count her blessings:

In order to aspire to have more goals, I have created a monthly list of blessings. Each month, I add what opportunities I have received, whether it be a feature in a news publication or radio segment or speaking engagement, and it helps me to not only be grateful about my life but also to create a competition with myself and in turn, always top the woman I was the year before.
— Lauren Bealore

She's Giving Back To Other Women

Lauren, in all her busy grandeur, hasn't forgotten to give back to people just like her. Together with two co-founders, she starting Y.A.B. (short for Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful), a venture conglomerate that houses start-ups owned by women of color to champion growth for women in business. As Y.A.B.'s Business Development chair, Lauren funnels resources to women of color nationally by partnering with co-working spaces, funders and investment programming, and national millennial women networks.

Her goal? Share her story, espeicially with millennials of color, and usher in a new wave of young go-getters eager to create some firsts of their own. "I don't mind being the first to do many things, I just don't want to be the only. I want to lift as I climb to create more spaces of opportunity for the demographic I represent, whether that be a Millennial, an African American, or a woman."

Slow clap, Lauren. SLOW CLAP.

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