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Image: My Domain (Left, Danielle DuBoise; Right: Whitney Tingle)

Happy March! It's that time again! If you've been eager to meet a new lady you’re in luck - we’re giving you two.

For us, having a friendship th also incorporates our individual businesses has been both amazing and a way that we both stay sane in those moments of uncertainty and self-doubt. So, when we spotted the founders of Sakara - an organic meal delivery service - we knew they’d be perfect for this month’s Boss Chick for two reasons. First, friends who can glo up together are always#Chickspiration and second, what better way is there to celebrate women’s history month than with two women doing the damn thing? There isn’t. Boom.

Take a look below at three reasons why Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle are bringing major Boss Chick vibes.


Image: Instagram

They've Turned Negatives Into Positives

The beginnings of Sakara wasn't all sunshine and roses. It actually was born out of genuine struggle. As a former model and actress, Danielle struggled with body image issues, roller coaster diets and weight fluctuation. So, she did something about it and began began making loving, healthy choices for herself as a lifestyle, not as a diet. She became a certified holistic health coach and began crafting meal programs that worked for her.

Whitney was working on Wall Street when she realized her passion was sharing her love of health with financiers who were leading stressed out, toxic lives. Whitney knew all too well the ways in which stress manifested itself in the body. She had gained 15 pounds at her finance job and suffered from cystic acne. That’s when she partnered with Danielle to create a meal plan that gave her the benefits of long-lasting weight loss, clearer skin and so much more. After seeing how this new lifestyle bettered her own life, Whitney also went on to become a certified yoga instructor. Now they bring their individual stengths to a business designed to help you achieve happiness, health, and true wellness.

They Work and Play Together

From the daily grind in their SoHo, New York offices to hitting the streets of NYC for a Fashion Week fete, Danielle and Whitney have had to really balance being besties and being around one another...A LOT. How do they do it? Put the friendship first:

Always put your friendship first. If you know that the other person is looking out for you and not for themselves, then you can’t get mad at them.
— Whitney Tingle - interview with MYDOMAINE

They're Oprah Approved

Y'all know an Oprah co-sign goes a long way.

Last year, this boss chick duo was selected in Oprah's crop of 100 SuperSoul Inducteees and we honored for their work in creating and manifesting a life of gratitude. Inspired by her Emmy-winning interview series Super Soul Sunday, Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 is a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, educators and otherwise mega-inspiring people, hand-selected by Ms. Winfrey herself. OWN calls it “a dynamic group of 100 trailblazers whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world around them and encouraging others to do the same.”

After starting their Sakara Life movement and, you know, meeting Oprah, you'd think Danielle and Whitney would be feeling themselves a little bit, right? Instead, the duo and their team decided to speak gratitude into their lives. Now, their DIY recipes and good vibes regularly appear in their "Sakara Life" segment on Oprah.com.

#GOALS for real.

Be sure you keep up with Danielle, Whitney and the Sakara Life by checking out the links below.

Website: Sakara.com

Instagram: SakaraLife

Twitter: @SakaraLife

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