Every week, 'Fit Chicks' will highlight attire, tips, and (of course!) sneakers that make it perfect for you to get your sweat on in style. We’ll also hip you to some of our favorite weekend hang sessions and interactions with like-minded ladies because, we love showing love!

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It's important to support your friends. Through the good, the bad, and especially when they take a risk and follow their dreams, having the genuine support of the people closest to you is not only a blessing for the psyche but for the soul.

This week, our partner in #FitChicks crime is celebrating the first anniversary of her site and so, I thought it only right to highlight some of our favorite posts from her first year designed to encourage you all to live (and love) your personal brand of fit.

So, without further adeu, take a look at 5 Great Ways To 'Live Your Fit.'

1. Explore New Ways To Find Your Peace

2. Feed Your Body Right...EVEN WHEN YOU'RE BUSY.

3. Mental Health Always Matters...ALWAYS

4.  Being Your Best Self Is About More Than YOU

5.  Sisterhood Is a MAJOR Dose For The Soul

What are some of your favorite ways to LIVE YOUR FIT? Let us know in the comments below! Oh! And don't forget to head on over to FitXBrit.com and wish Brit a very happy Blogiversary!

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