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 Image: b.moiselle 

Image: b.moiselle 

And just like that, it's August. As we ease into the 3rd Quarter of the year, both Brit and I have been hit with a sense of overwhelm. Life in general isn't all that easy to navigate but, add family obligations, 9-5 responsibilities, and building dream businesses and - well, sometimes a pick-me-up is necessary.

That's why we love our Boss Chick series. More often than not, we both find tremendous amounts of #Chickspiration in the women we feature. It's not about comparison or competition - it's about admiring women who are getting it done and, in the case of our August Boss Babe, often in 13 hour days.

Alisa Calloway is taking her talents and making women feel beautiful in a way that is kind of essential for ladies who like to treat themselves. Alisa owns and operates Studio Moiselle, a Dallas-based nail salon which focuses on taking a natural approach to your monthly mani-pedi.

So, are you ready to meet our newest Boss Chick? I'm thinking that's a yes! Take a look at three reasons why Alisa inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible.

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She Works SO HARD.

If you're running a business, your days really are not your own. If you're running a business AND you have employees, it's up to you to make sure things keep running so that everyone eats. Alisa knows this first hand. After the grand opening of her first Studio Moiselle nail shop in 2016, Alisa could often be found at her one-room studio working late hours.

Now that she's launched her second location, right across the street from the OG mind you, that work ethic hasn't changed. The nail pro can often be found putting in 13 hour days - why? Because people flock to schedule her services. Back-to-back clients mean back-to-back coin - amen.

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She's Eager To Teach Others

At Studio Moiselle, nail care is top priority so Alisa and her entire team specialize in something called the "Dip System." This method, while a bit more time consuming, is not something you can find in the nail salon around the corner. The method specializes in the health and care of natural nails and is a healthier alternative to Gel and Acrylic nails.

When she started hiring for her new salon, Alisa brought in a team of experienced nail techs. You'd think she'd get them rolling straight away - right? Nope. She cut her hours at the original salon and spent time teaching her new employees how to create beautiful options for their clients that aligned with her studio's natural approach. Boss girls always are down to teach.

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She LIVES Her Brand

One thing that Brit and I both know first hand is just how important it is to be a face and a champion for your brand. If you aren't constantly talking up the passion that you have, why should anyone else? That's the thing we love about Alisa - when you see here you always see her brand in some way, shape, or form.

From an IG feed filled with client nailfies, to tours of her salon, and a slew of lookbook shots for her brand, Alisa lives Studio Moiselle - right down to the IG name. She's a business, man.

Be sure you keep up with Alisa (and maybe indulge in a pamper day for yourself) by checking out the links below.

Website: StudioMoiselle.com

Instagram: b.moiselle

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