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One thing we love about what we do is that we get to meet people who are genuine, caring, and truly supportive of our businesses. While meet-ups and networking events are always fun (note: we're both making a conscious effort to attend more of those in 2017), we really have found some good energy online with people we probably never would have met had it not been for these e-streets.

Chasity Cooper is one of those people we're pretty grateful for. This Chi-Town raised, DC paid lady is like one big smile on our timelines. As a self-proclaimed "digital swaggerist" this creative strategist (she works for a non-profit, is part of the team over at HerAgenda, writes freelance for the likes of Essence Magazine AND runs her very own blog ) brings both bountiful energy and all of the good vibes.

So, ready to kick off the new year with our January Boss Chick? Of course you are. Take a look at three reasons why Chasity inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible.

She's All Smiles

Positive energy is contagious and Chasity has it in spades. Whether sending love and light through her positive e-affirmations,  sending an encouraging word, or dropping some hot fire dance moves via the #TeaAndTrapTuesday Boomerangs we've come to thoroughly enjoy, Chasity is all good vibes everything. 

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She Runs The Town

I don't know about you, but I'm always incredibly in awe of people who get their exercise high from long distance running.  5K's are cool - that's my lane, but a marathon? WHUT.!?!  As an avid runner, Chasity chronicles her runners glory via her IG feed and even wrote about her experience running the Chicago Marathon.  Bucket list, anyone?  Let's just say, her pushing herself every last mile is definitely an inspiration to us and, we're sure, to a number of others. Run Chas, run!

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She's Happy To Help

Whether leaving a well-timed comment to brighten your day, supporting with a RT or providing go-to posts designed to help you get right (her latest blog re: 20 books you need in 2017 is super clutch) Chasity finds her passion in helping others reach their potential.  In a world (and industry - hello, bloggers!) that often tells us it's better to put self first, it seems Chasity is doing everything she can to ensure that she isn't the only one making strides.

Be sure you keep up with Chasity and that marathon life by checking out the links below.

Website: ChasityCooper.com

Instagram: ChasitySCooper

Twitter: @Chasityscooper

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