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Jennie-O and I have a turkey history.  P.S. I love these Hauraches. LOVE.

As we celebrate another year of Thanksgiving, stuff our faces with turkey and more (hopefully you all found a few healthier options in last week’s Fit Chicks post), and enjoy a bit of a long weekend, we also know how important it is to take a moment to reflect on things for which you are thankful. No matter how difficult things seem at times, through the disappointments and social injustices of this year, we all have little things to hold dear. Sometimes, it’s the little things that have held us together.

When we all grow older, maturity teaches us to take more time to give thanks. We treasure gifts that we used to take for granted - trust me, I totally didn’t appreciate sleep and quiet time before starting my own business. But, after seeing a post on Instagram) this week, I paused for the cause and asked myself a serious question: am I really grateful?

Both Brit and I have been truly blessed. If you had met us a few years ago, you’d definitely see those blessings in action. However, one thing I keep coming back to is how much have I been a blessing to others? It’s one thing for us to take one week out the year to say what we’re thankful for in the comfy confines of our holiday gatherings, but it’s quite another to live like you’re grateful by finding a way to serve other people.

That said, as we take stock of our blessings, here are three ways we’re committed to giving as a reaction to gratitude - not just this week, but through the rest of the year and beyond. Change your mind and you change your life.

Image: @CFrank1908

1. Dedicating time to give back.

Personally, I think it’s important to take time to do something that feeds your spirit. One thing that always seems to touch me the most is volunteering. Each year, we sign up for Operation Care International’s Christmas party, a faith-based organization dedicated to serving those in our community. If you’re in Dallas and would like to join us this year, sign up to volunteer. If you’re elsewhere, we challenge you to find an organization in your community that will allow you to serve those in need or be a blessing to those who need it most.

2. Sharing is caring.

One thing we tend to forget throughout the year is that it’s important to spread the word! Since both of us run websites, it’s easy for us to get so caught up in posting and sharing our own material that we forget to show love to our blogging brothers and sisters.

One way we’re definitely trying to show our thanks is by simply supporting others. Whether it be a tweet, a like, a comment or an email showing praise for a dope post, we’re all about paying it forward and sending positive energy. Remember: those little things count.

3. Show thanks for health.

It’s human nature to kind of move through your daily motions on a bit of autopilot. More often than not, it’s only when we lose the use of something that was as normal as breathing that we really see the blessing. For example, I didn’t really appreciate my hands until I broke a finger and had to figure out how to navigate that injury.

While a broken finger isn’t much to bat an eye at, the sentiment is the same: love and appreciate your body enough to take care of it. Regular exercise, eating right, and taking care of your mind through meditation are some of the ways you can consistently show gratitude to your temple. So, go ahead and indulge a bit this holiday season - just remember to show your body some major health love in the process.

Lastly, we just want to say thank you to everyone of you who read, comment, and show love to us each week. Happy holidays to you and yours!  

So, how do you show your gratitude? Let us know in the comments below.

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