Images: Instagram

Written by: Sierra Silberman

Now you can stalk & shop. 😈

Starting next week 20 US-based retailers will give us a glimpse of the Insta-future. According to Engadget, the select group of rtailers will now be able to add ‘shopping tags’ to their posts with up to five items featured in each. This will allow you to compare, review and research products from your favorite brands (or IG feeds) all without leaving the Gram. Once you select a tag, detailed info about the product will appear and give you the option to hit the ‘Shop Now’ link that will take you directly to the product via the brand making a bajillion times easier to snag what was tempting you.

Sorry, we’re not sorry if your sneaker collection quadruples.

Insta is just throwing this as a test run too see how us grammers respond. I have a slight feeling that our response will be favorable, and yes, my bank account is already cringing.

Here’s a little preview of what it’ll look like when Instagram turns us all into shopaholics.

Thoughts on this new IG update?  Do you think you'll shop more or less using this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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