Images: Kyle Goldberg for CNK Daily

This week I had the chance to visit NikeLab Chi to create one of their custom Bespoke Destroyer jackets with exclusive patches created by Chicago’s own Joe Fresh Goods. If you’re not from Chicago then some of these patches won’t make any sense to you but if you are then you know. The experience started with a 1-on-1 appointment with a designer at NikeLab who helped me pick out the right fit for my jacket. He also filled me in on the product details and how the Bespoke Destroyer is handsewn and can take up two weeks to create! After we got the fit together, we got down to business and the most fun part, the custom patches.

Because, I’m from the Westside of Chicago, it was only right that I got the Westside front and center. According to Joe, this is the first patch you should get and he was right. I also got the “FTW” patch which can mean "For The Win" or represent the very Chicago store Fat Tiger Workshop where you can cop some brands such as DBM, Vita Worlwide, Squad and more. I opted to keep my design very clean so three patches on one sleeve and the “Mildsauce” on the left worked out just fine. I also got this super cold Nike and Rose design on the back of the jacket right at the top by the collar. Even though the appointment is an hour long it didn’t take me much time to create what I believe to be a Westside masterpiece.

In his article with NikeLab Joe says “I think right now I embody Chicago, and I like representing Chicago from a worldwide point of view,” he says. “People wear Yankees hats and have never been to New York. I like to put Chicago on people, that’s my goal. I want you to wear your jacket and feel Chicago, feel proud to wear it in Paris or in New York.”

With that said, I can't wait to see my finished jacket in a few weeks and if you’re looking to rep the city you can book an session right now at NikeLab Chi.