Howdy from Dallas! For us, the temps are one big weather personality disorder. One week, it'll be humid and hot - the next, the complete opposite. And that isn't even accounting for the ridiculous blasts of AC you'll find indoors. That's why I've learned to keep a few things handy: a good pair of leggings, breathable sneakers, and a good sweatshirt. In the summer/early fall I find that light shoes and a sweatshirt tied expertly around the waist does wonders for those on-the-go moments. For fall/winter, a sweatshirt and leggings is often enough to keep you warm and cozy for a midday city run.

The last time I paired my classic Adidas Originals Superstars, it was a muggy coffee break that called for a sleeveless dress. This time around I paired my Superstars with black leggings and an Adidas Originals oversized sweatshirt for a jaunt around the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. If you’re ever in Dallas, this landmark has an amazing view of the city and is well within walking distance to Trinity Groves, a Dallas staple filled with food trucks, the Four Corners Brewing Company, and awesome Dallas eats. One of my favorites is Souk Mediterranian Bistro and Bar - they have great food and outdoor Hookah which is perfect for the fall evenings.

This Adidas sweatshirt was one I picked up on super sale at our local Villa Skillman store but is, of course, sold out. Personally, I tend to buy a lot of my Fall and Winter items in the Spring and Summer so I capitialize on the off-season discounts. I'm a penny pincher, y'all! I also love items that I can wear multiple ways. This sweatshirt is flexible enough to rock with simple leggings, jazz up with sheer tights and a pair of cut-offs, or paired around the waist of your favorite high-waised jeans with a crop long sleeve top.

Black leggings are pretty much a must need for anyone. These fit perfectly and tend to go with any sneakers I opt to put on. I actually got my Superstars as a gift to myself for my birthday this year and I couldn't be happier with them. The all white colorway is perfect to dress up or down and at $80 USD, I'm not against buying multiple pairs to keep on deck.

Photos: Esther Huynh

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