Images: MTTM

The holidays are fast approaching, folks are getting ready for Turkeys, dressing, and Black Friday. Brands are getting ready to bring on the good stuff. Welcome to November.

NYC-based girl power brand, Married to the Mob, gets a head start on the competition with a seasonal collection that is full of lady cheer. The Mob brings forth a 2016 range that balances both staunch feminism and equal parts femininity. Streetwear standards are all checked off with bomber jackers, camo separates, midriff baring shirts, a 3M detailed windbreaker and those bold shirts MTTM is infamous for. Key phrases (read: “No Fuckboys Allowed”) bring home the graphic-friendly collection and act as a perfect gift for the girlfriend who takes not sh*t.

Preview the full MTTM Holiday 2016 range above, and head to MTTM's online store to purchase your favorites for yourself (or the lady in your life) now.

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