Our very own CNK Bitmoji. We're taking name suggestions.


Bitmoji just got more sneak appeal thanks to a new partnership with Foot Locker and their ladies-only subsidiary, Six:02.  If you haven't been hipped to Bitmoji yet, you aren't alone. I was also quite confused before actually creating my own CNK Daily mascot.  

It's pretty simple.  Via the Bitmoji app, available for both iPhone and Android, create a custom character and dress your avatar to the sporty chic nines in Nike and adidas gear for your digital personality. 

Get a preview of some of our favorite Bitmoji moments with our very own CNKmoji below. P.S. Her dab is flames.

Just a day in the life of CNKmoji. NBD.

Told you.

One more time for the full length.

Because #SneakerStyle...Duh.

You want to "borrow" this dope Nike fit? That would be a...

I'm just here for this tea.

CNKmoji out.

For real. Bye.

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