Image: Building Block

They say there’s a thing such as ‘love at first sight’ and that’s exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on these beautifully crafted minimalist handbags. Building Block is an LA-based handbag branded created by sisters Nancy and Kimberly Wu. These two have cut out the excess noise when it comes to bag design, sometimes you don’t need the extra zippers and gold everything. These bags speak to the soul of the minimalist.

The names of the handbags show how simplistic the brand is; they include the Buckets, Cylinder, Box, Disc and the Petite. Not only do they have a clean design it is produced with high-quality Italian leather with other fun aspects such as the cute tassels, rubber, wood, and plexi-glass. They are also Fall/Autumn appropriate with a color range from navy to olive green. Shop the collection at Building Block in-store or online.

Building Block Studio & Store

970 N Broadway, Unit 104

Los Angeles, CA 90012