Zendaya covers the October issue of Seventeen Magazine and the singer/actress/activist gets candid about her fear of failure, her pretty epic career inspiration, and being human.  She also happens to rock some pretty crisp sneakers - the Air Jordan IV 'Cement.'  See a few of our favorite Zendaya quotes and shop the sneaks below.

Zendaya on Fear:

I hold myself to such ridiculously high standards that if I don’t meet or surpass them, I doubt myself. That fear of not being as good as you want to be can limit you from doing things.
— Zendaya Coleman, Seventeen Magazine (October 2016)

On Career Inspiration:

“The way I see it in my head, I should be nothing shy of Beyoncé. But you can’t freakin’ put that much pressure on yourself. That doesn’t mean don’t strive for the best, because you should... Sometimes I need to realize that I’m human. I’m doing pretty good.
— Zendaya Coleman, Seventeen Magazine (October 2016)

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