Images: Allen Park for Air.Jordan.

Images: Allen Park for Air.Jordan.

Aleali May is no stranger to the CNKDaily stage. She's a stylist who actually seems to understand that sensitive line between high-fashion streetstyle and looking like a got-damn expensive mess. All are not able.

That's why when she gets vocal about her personal style, we tend to pay attention. Aleali, an avid sneaker lover and member of the cozy appreciation squad, took a seat with Jordan Brand a few days ago and got candid on her connection to the AJ4 and her personal style. See a few of our favorite quotables below.

On her first pair of 4's

My first pair of 4’s was in high school. Just me and some friends conversing about buying old Jordans. I begged my mom, I needed these sneakers. I’ve had the same pair ever since.

On her sneaker mood:

When I pull out my AJ 4’s, the day is special for me. It represents a side of myself that is edgy, comfortable and pure money! My style fluctuates, but I’ve always had a strong love for the 4’s.

On her SneakHER Style:

I love how black is the combination of all colors. I love the intensity black can bring to an outfit. If I am in all black, I try to throw in some contrast, and the Pure Money whites were the perfect icing on top. I also wanted to bring out the silver hardware of the AJ 4, so I added a silver chained necklace. This gave it more flow to a darker, edgy aesthetic as dark doesn’t exist without light.

See more from Aleali's interview over at the Air.Jordan Blog and peep her full shoot up top.

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