Amsterdam-based retailer Filling Pieces recently dropped their fall/winter collection and it takes you on a stroll through minimalist heaven. The ladies were thrilled with the first collection focused on our female demographic, but what I find most appealing about their collections is the inspiration. Filling Pieces taps into different regions of the world gaining inspiration from the various cultures.

This year, the collection is based off of Mongolian tribes and their life as nomads. The theme "Move Without Barriers" shapes the collection. The fall/winter line has a wide range of iterations and many of the hues are inspired by materials and patterns utilized by the Tsaatan tribe of Mongolia.

The pieces range from sweatshirts and hoodies to cropped pants and sneakers. One of the ladies' silhouettes include a sneaker/boot hybrid sitting on a wedge heel dipped in a monochromatic scheme. A bit of street style that marries high end fashion. Check them out below and tell us what you think about this luxe lineup!

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