Photos by: IMAXTREE

Video by: HYPEBAE

The KITH SPORT 2018 spring/summer show on September 7 at the Classic Car Club Manhattan presented over 100 looks with cameos by Scottie Pippen and basketball legend, LeBron James

KITH SPORT 2018 SS show was one of those you wanted to be present for especially if you're into mixing high and low fashion. Kith Women Creative Lead Emily Oberg was super hands on with the styling and casting of the models on the runway from their hair and makeup to nail art.

The presentation features brands such as Moncler, Iceberg, Off-White, Bergdorf Goodman, Nike, adidas, and more. These brands were mixed in with Kith pieces such a down jacket, mesh bodysuits, leggings, track pants and jerseys. The aesthetic from the runway showed viewers the perfect way to mix your brands and still look on point. We saw a lot of color on the runway from dark hues to yellow.

We're on radar waiting for these pieces to drop. Take a look at the collection below and get a glimpse behind the scenes above.