Images: KITH

Images: KITH

Spring hath sprung and KITH is coming for your tax refund with a rush of warm(er) weather essentials for your cozy girl (and guy) closet.

Ladies Creative Director Emily Oberg continues to impress after Delivery 1 last month with a number of staple clothing options for women that will flow well whether you're rocking your Vapormaxes or a pair of sky-high stillettos. Plus, the versatility here is paramount. Options including a side-lace Amiya Hoodie, cropped Marlow Pullover, embroidered Ava Crewneck, asymmetrical Lauren Top, Kenna Sweatpant, and Kaylee Sweatshirt Dress are all items you can easily rock throughout the year with multiple looks.

So, while the KITH range is a bit pricey (ranging between $50 for a hat and $195 for the side-lace Hoodie) you can bet that you'll get your wears worth. Take a look below at the full Spring 2017 lookbook with mens and women's looks.

Key notes regarding the collection: it seems KITH is focusing on evolution via simplicity for Spring 2017. The consistent color palette, with nudes and off whites merging with light greys and heavy black, the collection gives simple sweatshirts an appeal that very few can master. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that you're getting quality - not just an overpriced Gildean hoodie. The majority of the collection features a luxe 500 GSM french terry fabric that was tried and tested to produce the right fit, color, and washability.

KITH’s Spring 2017 Delivery II arrives today, April 7, at all KITH retail locations and online. If you're looking to shop (maybe with that tax money - please pay your bills first though, LOL) click the link below.


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