Back in 2003, Bobby Kim (Better known as Bobby Hundreds) co-launched lifestyle streetwear brand and publication, The Hundreds. Both the clothing and magazine was a snapshot of the aspects of urban California culture mis-moshed together and wrapped up in a stylistic, yet edgy, bow. Simply put: The Hundreds broadcasted a simple and creative message that streetwear is culture, not just a product.

Over a decade later you can find pieces from The Hundreds tucked in every corner of the globe. The most recent adventure Bobby Hundreds is embarking on is a line for ladies. However, the roots of this line are much different than any other he's created. Most brands extend their name to female apparel because they’re just trying to create more revenue or create the illusion of inclusion between the males who purchase their products to the females who love said merch. None the less, it’s safe to say that most of the apparel that’s designed for us feels less than authentic, kind of like plastic flowers. The seams are always awkward and it’s as if the clothes are designed for 12-year-old girls who haven’t experienced the joys of puberty. This leaves females crawling back into the threads coveted by their boyfriends, brothers or some significant male in their lives where we, ironically, feel sexier and more comfortable in that than the latest fall drop of a ladies streetwear line. Ladies, Bobby empathizes. Named after the most popular given name to female babies in the 80’s when Kim was growing up, 'Jennifer' gives us those t-shirts and sweatshirts that we ransack and hoard but this time, they’re made for us.

 Source   Photographer: Shaughn Cooper


Photographer: Shaughn Cooper

Kim wants to produce something that men will want to snype from women. A little role reversal if you will. Streetwear as a whole, while weaning itself off of the bikini-clas imagery we're used to, is a male-dominated culture. One that Kim is all too familiar with. In a recent interview between Lena Dunham and Kim on refinery29 . Kim explores the depth of this issue and planely states that he acknowledges the ‘asymmetry around women’s infatuation with men’s fashion.’ This new brand, Jennifer, appears to be an answer, albeit limited, to this infatuation. Dunham herself delves deep into the “boys only” idea of streetwear and has some pretty solid insights herself. The actress, writer and all around bad ass has had a relationship (sometimes tumultuous) with streetwear since her younger years.

The Jennifer line consists of the ‘Girlfriend’ sweatshirt (so now when we wear boyfriend jeans, the boys can wear our girlfriend hoodie - right?) and a T-Shirt. The t-shirt is available in two colors and retails for $55 and the hoodie comes in 8 colorways and retails for $140. All produced in Los Angeles. While $140 is a hella ridiculous price to pay for a sweatshirt, about ½ of the colorways are already sold out (which is an indication of the desire) but, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a restock sooner rather than later.

The ‘Girlfriend’ sweatshirt is the core of the collection that will, hopefully, blossom into more. The fit is slightly more cropped and rocks a Jennifer logo right on the side of the hood. According to an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Kim had one question around the design: ‘What was the coolest thing you could wear while falling asleep in a bean bag?’ Bobby, we see you, we mess with bean bags. Can I get a Lovesack!?

This collection is hopefully the first small step in a marathon of making even more room for females within streetwear culture. Room beyond posting us naked on the t-shirts or acting as arm candy to the men who design these lines. Guys, we get it, streetwear is your he-man-woman-haters club but the Darla’s of the world want in. We don’t hate your stinkin guts and you shouldn’t hate ours. Just think what will happen if males and females begin collaborating on these things? Streetwear can retain its exclusive nature while being a two-way street for guys and gals. When everyone has gear, everyone is happy.

Take a look at more from Bobby Hundred's latest (very limited) venture below and, if you're feeling it, you can shop the style by clicking the button below.

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