A lot of brands are realizing that we bring a different aesthetic to the way we wear clothing.

For those of us who love sneakers, the shift in design perspective has been noteworthy. Now, a majority of our favorite brands are finally catering to us directly without the tug of war that so many OG ladies in the sneaker game fought for. They are finally listening.

The same, however, can't really be said for streetwear. While a number of brands have found success delivering pieces with the ladies in mind (think KITH's latest NYC Fashion Week Debut), a vast majority of established streetwear brands continue to shell out tons of merch aimed specifically at male consumers.

In a documentary created by recently launched brand Cozy Girl Squad in association with Veronica Studios, the hope is to shed light on the role women play in streetwear and the vast culture that surrounds the goods. The trailer features four NYC women (Shenae Curry, IvySole, Makana, and Esiwahomi) who explore, through their own experiences, the role women play in the market and why we continue to be ignored in an industry that we support consistently.

Director Marcus Rosendoll and CGS chief Donnette Lowe take an in-depth look at these different women and highlight their perspectives on being a part of a culture where they are often overlooked.

Check out the trailer up top and be sure to check back for the full doc premiere in 2017.

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