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After getting the chance to invade her living space for our CNK Closets series, we've been keeping tabs on L.A.-based designer and all-around muse Whitney Alix. Late last month, Whitney unveiled the Rebel Rosé collection which is comprised of swell of leggings, t-shirts, cropped tees, and even a beach towel that all reflect the remixed version of Whitney's super recognizable signature pattern.

So, when I noticed a new take on her already fire custom print I immediately hit her up to chat about it. Take a look below at the collection and get a glimpse into the creative process of our super chic Westside homegirl.

 Images: WhitneyAlix

Images: WhitneyAlix

On the inspiration behind this line:

Well, lately I have been embracing my femininity more and more as the days pass. I told the universe last year that I was ready to settle down which brought this energy into my life. I am currently in love with a beautiful and intelligent black man aka “my other half” who understands me completely which has also brought these feelings out. The book ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg that has also ignited this feminine fire inside of me.

On her choice of "Rosé" and the overall design:

I chose the blush pink color palette because its color that represents feminine strength and beauty. It also represents sweetness, kindness, playfulness, cuteness, and romance. Pink is also the color of universal love of oneself and of others. I placed the painted leaves at the base of each piece to mimic the stem of a flower.

Are you feeling this collection? The Rebel Rose collection ranges from $40 - $70 USD and, just so you know, for each item sold, a percentage profited goes to funding underprivileged youth arts programs worldwide.

Basically, go support this amazing woman, k? K.

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