Images: Brian Bowen Smith for Good Housekeeping

Images: Brian Bowen Smith for Good Housekeeping

Anyone who knows us knows we LOVE us some Tracee Ellis Ross. The woman is seriously my favorite play auntie in my head. So, when the 'Black-ish' star, 44, donned the May cover of Good Housekeeping (in adidas Stan Smith's, nonetheless) we knew it would be a thing.

In her interview, the groundbreaking actress talked candidly with GH about beauty in her own words, the power of playing a strong black woman on a hit TV show, and the sneakHER style that makes her unique. Take a look below at some of our favorite excerpts.

On Her Definition of Beauty

There are times I put on tons of makeup; there are times I don’t. The larger conversation is about the idea that we have to manipulate ourselves to be lovable and worthy. My life has worth because of who I am as a human being, not because I am an object of desire. I’d love to be in a delicious, romantic relationship, but it is not the point of how I choose to look or feel beautiful.

On Her SneakHER Style

I wear what makes my heart sing. I can come to work at 5 in the morning in a fabulous outfit because it’s what makes me happy. There’s always an element of comfort and an element of glamour. I’ll wear sweatpants with a tuxedo jacket or a wide-leg tuxedo trouser with a pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt. I love an Adidas Stan Smith.

On The Importance of 'Black-ish'

I think that as a black woman, my beingness is a form of activism in and of itself. The fact that I am on a show called Black-ish, that I’m playing a woman who is both a wife and a doctor, a mother and a person, a partner and an individual, and that I am playing a joyful black woman on television who is not just surviving but thriving is by definition a form of activism. If I take that and ripple it out further in an amplified way, I can’t help, from my beingness, to not be a form of activism, because that is who I am.

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