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Today is a special day for the Hip Hop community because not only is it Tupac Shakur's birthday but it is also the long awaited debut of his All Eyez On Me biopic. The movie stars Demetrius Shipp Jr. who eerily resembles the outspoken star along with co-stars Danai Gurira. Kat Graham and Hill Harper. Directed by Benny Boom and LT Hutton, All Eyez On Me details the life of 2Pac from his early days with Digital Underground to his signing with Death Row. The film gives a look into the life of an artist whose career was cut too short. We at CNK Daily had the opportunity to view the screener last night in Chicago and also meet director LT Hutton who is also a Chicago native.

Not only were we amazed at Tupac's upbringing and rise to stardom but we also looked at his dope sense of fashion. Throughout his career he has had some iconic looks and his style can still be seen today on MC's and celebrities alike.

Not only was Pac iconic for his vivid lyricism and his outspoken views on politics, he also had a very keen sense of fashion. Tupac went from wearing a full denim Karl Kani outfit to being cleaned up in Versace on the red carpet. While watching the film it was great to see that what they wore in the 90's is still very relevant today,especially in 2017. From Starter Jackets, Snapbacks, Flannels, Denim Jackets and more, Pac was laced from the gold around his neck to the sneakers on his feet, which happened to be a pair of Nike Cortez or they might have been Timberlands.

Brands like Karl Kani, Cross Colours, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Nike and more were staples during the 90’s. These brands can be seen heavily throughout the film. The inner city new what was hot and what was cool. Currently, retailers like Urban Outfitters have been releasing exclusive collections with brands from that era including Tommy Jeans while higher end brands like Vetements have collaborated with Reebok. In the film you’ll see Tupac wearing the iconic Karl Kani t-shirt and his homies rocking Cross Colours, another huge brand in the 90’s which brought about awareness with their slogans "Clothing Without Prejudice" and "Love Sees No Color." Both brands are still around today and are still releasing new collections to this generation.

There was no way that we wouldn't talk about footwear in the film. A younger Tupac could be seen rocking Nike Cortez which are currently a staple worn by artists like YG and Kendrick Lamar who rep the West Coast heavily. While Snoop stayed in a pair of converse, we have Wiz Khalifia today who keeps him a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors.

Tupac wasn't only a symbol of culture and fashion but showed how one can be outspoken, rebellious, and inspirational. One cannot deny Tupac's impact and he will continue to influence generations to come.