Based on our CNK Grade Book, Nike has been doing their due diligence when it comes to diversifying their product line, and thinking of the female consumer. We learned that Nike will bless us with a Women’s exclusive “Shine” pack this Fall/Winter season. The pack includes some fan favorites with the Air More Uptempo, Foamposite, and Air Force 1 PRM LX silhouettes. All three of the sneakers in the “Shine” pack are ones that have filled our closets for years. A Women’s exclusive is due, and Nike is delivering. Baby steps. This is where we have some major questions.

#1 - Is this colorway appealing to women?

While I am not exactly thrilled about the colorways just yet, I believe brands are attempting to envision what takes place within the female mind when it comes to sneaker shopping. We see a sneaker and before we can make a choice, we are strategically putting together a blueprint of how it can be worn. Personally, I start with a shoe and create a look whether that is color blocking clothes for contrast, choosing a monochromatic scheme, or simple patterns to match the shoes’ colorway.

#2 - Is this pack versatile from a style perspective?

Can we create a dope street style aesthetic with this? Can we dress it up with a cute midi skirt and the right accessories? Being a Fall/Winter shoe, I can see how the Air More Uptempo in this pack could have some potential as far as personal styling options.

#3 - Is this on par with similar men's releases?

We can't help but ask what will the construction really be like? The Uptempo is the only silhouette in the pack where we have seen quality images surface (so far). We begin to wonder about the construction which is also important. Equal opportunities to rock the same quality materials as the fellas isn’t so bad? Preach.

Is this what we want? How are the creative minds at the brands making decisions about the needs of the female demographic? We can argue that we have been an overlooked population of consumers, and it is our time to shine with some fly products that elevate and enhance our lifestyles. Aside from perusing the kid’s section, we are always refreshed to receive a silhouette in women’s sizing.

How do companies go inside the female mind? For one, they are hiring more women in important roles. Brands are listening and paying attention to how we style our sneakers. They are in the lab taking note of what influences our fashion and aligning that with their products. I am anxious to see what other sneakers will release this year that will be the first of many for the ladies. Nike was right when they said The Force is Female. Let’s get it.

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