Images: Jordan Brand

Images: Jordan Brand

First, I have to say that we are big fans of the Air Jordan Retro 1. Who wouldn't be? This is a sneaker that started it all. It made a statement, got banned, and brought back to reign supreme for the majority of sneaker lovers around the world. From the ladies only iterations that we love to styling our Jordans in our CNK Sneaker Diary, we are all about it.

Then, Jordan brought the heat. We don't mean Houston, TX heat temperatures. We mean five alarm with no water in a 1000 mile radius heat. But there's a catch.

Jordan Brand has dropped a new sample that we are pleading with the Jumpman to release to the public. The Retro 1 "Homage to Home" pays tribute to two colorways combined into one. Using the "Banned" and "Chicago" styles, the sneaker is split down the middle reppin' both iterations. The "Banned" Retro 1 color scheme takes over the lateral side while the "Chicago" owns the medial.

The split makes a unique and refreshing update to a classic pair. The internet spoke and we really hope this model comes to fruition and doesn't get lost in the Friends and Family category. As you can tell this is a must-cop Jordan and salute to the brand for thinking outside of the box. If you are a fan of the Air Jordan 1, check out some of our faves that you can purchase below. Cop and flourish!

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