Thanks to that stellar adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange Project, two

Thanks to the latest adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange project, two popular sneakers get a glowing makeover this summer courtesy of two sneaker boutiques that are worlds apart. Atlanta-based Wish ATL and Australia stunner Sneakerboy bridge the divide for a cross-continental collab that birthed special editions of the adidas PureBoost and ClimaCool 1. Each shoe features a look that appears to be an all-white summer sneaker for the gawds at first, but turn off the lights and you’ll see each glows in the dark like a full on manifestation of Zeus. The colorways are inspired by the deadly jellyfish off Australia’s coast, known for their poisonous and bio-luminescent qualities.

So, beautiful but deadly? Youre shoes won't sting you - promise.

Releasing earlier this month exclusively via Wish and Sneakerboy, the Sneaker Exchange Collection has now hit select adidas Consortium retailers. Our homegirls over at NAKED CPH has both the PureBoost and ClimaCool in stock. These babies will run you about $140 USD each. We also found the ClimaCool readily available at Barney's now. Click here to shop.

For a full list of retailers in both the US and abroad, click below.

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